Many clients don't know where to begin when it comes to marketing and promotions. Maybe you have a product that you're launching or an article that needs promoting but you don't quite know where to focus your efforts when it comes to trying to get the attention you're looking for. That's where we can help.

All you need to provide is a rough sketch of what you're hoping to achieve and we can help you formulate a plan that will target your audience and get you the results you want. We have a long history of researching segments of the population who will benefit most from exposure to a given message. Understanding this is the only way to create the perfect strategy for conveying your information. 

We can also provide you with a cost/benefit analysis so you can see where you will get the most value for your dollar. From social advertising, to organic press release publication and print and digital advertising, you'll know exactly where to target your efforts. 

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Every business wants to be on the first page of Google. It's practically a given these days. Achieving this depends a lot on your business, how saturated the market is, and what sort of content you're providing on your website, blog and social media accounts. 

But one thing is for certain. Without the proper use of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), you won't see your business name anywhere near a search results page. Perhaps more than any other marketing tool, SEO has the ability to confuse anyone who hasn't spent time around keywords, keyword placement and keyword selection - it is truly and art form. In short, it's complicated. But don't worry, we can help build your web presence in a way that will offer you the best chances for success when it comes to search engines. 

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Social media is the fastest growing tool for companies to reach a very targeted audience. With the exception of face-to-face interactions, no other platform allows for back and forth conversation and offers you an opportunity to provide a personal touch to your marketing endeavors. 

Make no mistake about it... there isn't a company or business in the marketplace that would NOT benefit from using these inexpensive (and sometimes free) methods of communicating with customers and potential customers. 

From Facebook and Instagram to Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn, we have a long history of utilizing both paid and unpaid channels within these platforms. We can write engaging posts on behalf of your business, or coach you on writing content that will deliver visibility and a high click-through rate.

There are different tactics that need to be used for each platform, to say nothing of the third party tools (such as Hoot Suite and Buffer), so let us help by simplifying the whole social media process and get the results you're looking for.



It's very simple:  Always have a curated, targeted list of relevant recipients. Don't end up in the spam folder. And finally, get read.

Starting with your lists, we will seek to understand exactly who your audience is. You don't want to send irrelevant information to anyone since that will get an immediate 'unsubscribe'. It's better to send to 1,000 people who care about your product or service than it is to send to 5,000 who don't. 

Formatting and wording your email in specific ways will help avoid the spam detection filters of notoriously difficult email providers like Gmail. And having a relevant and exciting subject line will get your email opened. These are all things that we can either do for you, or coach you on so you can do them yourself. This is one of the most difficult jobs in targeted marketing... don't try and do it without help.



Marketing is writing. Period. You can have the best marketing plan in the world, but without a solid form of written communication your work will be wasted.

Whether you're looking for a clean, polished and professional press release or a fun and exciting blog or social media post, we can create pieces that will get your audience engaged and keep them reading to the end.

When writing for a digital medium, you also must consider the concept of keywording (SEO) and/or hashtagging. Both of these items are what allows you to end up in visible search results of various platforms. Don't overlook the power of being seen! 



We work with highly talented graphic designers  to deliver you a product that will stand out from the crowd. If you're looking for a new or revamped logo, marketing materials, brochures or anything else, We guarantee our work is both eye catching and in the creative style that you're looking for. 

When it comes to printing, we work with exceptional printers who review all work before it's printed, ensure they are clear on what you're looking for, and will execute the product with the most sophisticated equipment and the highest quality materials. All of our work can be shipped nationwide.