If you're using Social Media, you should be using Buffer. Period.

If you're in business today - whether at a Fortune 500 company, or at a home-based business, you're using social media as part of your marketing efforts. Or, at least you should be.

One of the most difficult things about using social media in your daily life is managing multiple platforms at once. There can be a lot of redundant posting, flood posting (posting too much at once), or gaps in posts. Thankfully there's a tool out that that can solve all of these problems for you. 


The best thing about Buffer is that you can start for FREE (with no CC required), although you'll likely want to upgrade at some point in time once you see how useful it is.

Buffer is a social media scheduling tool that allows you to basically bring in your content, edit it, and then stage it to be sent out to any one of a variety of platforms. Buffer works with Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google Plus and Pinterest with the only notable exception being Instagram. 


Buffer provides you with a number of ways to bring in content. You can install install their bookmarklet (Safari) or their extension (Chrome) and you'll find a little icon in the upper right corner of your browser. When you find yourself on a page, post, article, etc. that you'd like to share, simply press the icon and a Buffer window will pop up allowing you to modify what copy is sent out, add hashtags, add an image, and decide what platform to publish it to - and then publish it to all platforms simultaneously.

You also have the option of going directly to the Buffer website and logging in. From there you'll find your dashboard that will allow you to paste a link, create copy or attach an image. 

My favorite way however is going directly from Feedly - a great news aggregator which has support for Buffer built right in. 


Don't be that guy/girl. You have 15 minutes to kill so you sit down and post 10 messages in a flood that basically ensures no one will read anything and that everyone will be annoyed. 

Instead - Schedule your posts via Buffer. 

Scheduling is the first thing you're going to want to do in Buffer after you get your accounts connected. Schedules are created for each individual platform so you can decide how often to post. On Twitter for example, where more frequent posting is expected, you an schedule 10-15 posts per day. On LinkedIn, you may only want to schedule 3-4 posts per day. 

It's as simple as going into Buffer's scheduling module, selecting the platform and selecting the hour and minute you want your posts to appear. 


As Buffer will remind you frequently -- keep your queue topped off. Always have something waiting. It's very easy to see your queue simply by logging in on Buffer's site. Every item you schedule whether from the bookmarklet, extension, website or other third party reader will instantly appear there. 

My schedule starts at 5am Pacific Time (my time) so I can hit the east coast folks bright and early. But I'm not going to get out of bed to do it. So the night before, I make sure to have some great content queued up and ready to go so Buffer can do all the work for me until I get back to my computer around 8am Pacific Time. 


Want to see how many clicks, likes, retweets or shares your post got? Buffer reports on that in real time. 

Once one of your posts gets sent off to the internet netherworld at your predetermined time, it will appear in the Analytics section of your dashboard. Everything you need to know about the reach of an individual post is right there. 


As we stated above, Buffer is free to start and you'll get a great sense of what's possible. Eventually, as you become more of a power user, you may find that some of the limitations are hampering what you'd like to do. Check out all of their plans here:


Buffer has a beautiful stand alone app on both Android and iOS. Well worth downloading once you sign up. 


Your number one job when it comes to social media is delivering great content. You shouldn't have to spend a ton of time bouncing around from one platform to another. Buffer offers you the ability to exhibit better time management as well as becoming a more consistent and effective social media user.