Tapping into the Real Estate Market

It doesn't matter where you live. As long as there are houses, there are real estate agents. Any real estate agent worth their licensing credentials is probably pretty good at sales. But every great sales person needs a great marketing person standing next to them... someone to put the ball on the tee so that they can hit it out of the park. 

This notion got me thinking about the potential for good marketing in the real estate industry and I decided to do a little design work on spec just to see how it might look. 

Pretty happy with the results. It is designed to be a 6" x 11" post card containing an agent's current listings. I especially like the color pallet. I've always found purple to be a rich and vibrant color while still containing soothing undertones. If I were sending this to print, I'd do the front side (with the houses) in a nice glossy finish, and the back in a classy satin finish.

What do you think?